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Temporary Office Hire

Client: A Sole Trader

The client works from home part time and occasionally needed a professional environment to work from. They found that their home environment was distracting and they needed a private room that allowed them to focus on their work. They wanted a temporary office space with no monthly fee so that they only paid for the time they used. Also, they did not want the hassle of parking in the city centre and the busy traffic in business hours.

The Space’s Temporary Office Hire Solution

  • We provided the Office at an hourly rate, which gave the client flexibility to book and pay only when the space was needed.
  • The private, professional space allowed the client to work without distractions in a dedicated business environment.
  • The Office came with essential equipment such as a monitor, keyboard and mouse, as well as standard stationary. This allowed the client to start working immediately with just their laptop.
  • The room hire also included refreshments of tea and coffee with no added cost.
  • The client used the free parking available on site, allowing them to avoid busy city traffic and high parking prices.
  • Our reliable and fast Wi-Fi provided the client to with vital access to web and email so they could work straight away and to be more productive.